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Central Asian region is one of the most attractive and mysterious tour destinations. There are 5 countries, 5 Stan: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Each of them has something to surprise, impress and make you enjoy. Unique architectural heritage of Uzbekistan makes you come back to the time of the Great Silk Road. The "Door of Hell" of Turkmenistan offer you an atmosphere of mystery. Mountainous Pamir in Tajikistan with small remote villages allow you to plunge into another world and meet locals with authentic culture and lifestyle. Immense Kazakhstan with steppes, deserts, canyons, cities and lakes has a lot to make your travel incredible. And finally Celestial Kyrgyzstan with skyscraping mountains, peaks over 7 000 m, gorges with unique flora and fauna, high altitude lakes - this is all a real paradise for nature lovers! "Travel Experts" will make a perfect tour for you! Come to see Central Asia!

Our dream team is also ready to suggest you a combined tour package including all the listed Stan! This will be your chance to discover them all in one travel! 

We are more than sure that you will enjoy every day of your amazing tour to Central Asia!