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I think you are a very experienced traveler who has traveled all over the world. But have you ever come to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Tajikistan? Isn't it? So what are you waiting for? Contact our company, we rented a car, and what makes the journey an incredibly entertaining! We are a car rental company, which has no analogues in the region. First, we very quickly -as soon as you write us, you will have immediate feedback. Second - what is known for excellent service, so all kind vehicles for rent, regular checks, we have experienced mechanics who will advise you on every car. So choosing us, you choose comfort and security. In addition, we always work on the documentation, so you will have to perform some kind of document, and every. car rental Bishkek Dushanbe and Almaty, our Experts will give you comprehensive information on all country routes, reliable guest house and features the local food. You will be able to navigate even the most remote areas of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan! Take a car for rent and enjoy the comfort, speed and safety on the road!

Start the car, and discovered a great place! In kazakhstan you will pass through the beautiful and majestic steppe. Almaty and Astana are located in the larger cities of the country, to china there are a lot of related artifacts of the soviet era, while Astana is a fairly modern city. Kyrgyzstan referred to the central asian Switzerland, because of the amazing mountains. But travelling visited Kyrgyzstan claim that it is much more beautiful than Switzerland! Just imagine - 94% of the area above 1500 metres above sea level! So, almost every time you drive your car through the mountains! Bishkek is a beautiful city, which is a green area in the soviet times, it was called one of the greenest city in the Union. Tajikistan is also a very interesting country where a lot of the historical sites. The capital city of Dushanbe, which in the local language means "Monday". This is called so, because according to the legend, the city was on Monday. Cars for rent are available to You, just come and do one.