Alpinism is a very popular kind of sport for mountain country as Kyrgyzstan to travel for, especially using the services of car rent. Every year many mountaineers and trekkers visit Kyrgyzstan looking for new feelings and emotions. Kyrgyzstan Mountains are known all over the glove with attractive and overwhelming views. Long time ago, during Soviet Union, officials and prosperous people were allowed to top peaks. Guests and ordinary residents setting off for a tour in Kyrgyzstan didn't have such opportunities, though Soviet mountaineers were struggling to get permissions for expeditions. And today there are no such restrictions but some of them still exist in border zones. Time spent in mountains of Kyrgyzstan can worse due to weather conditions leading risks of avalanches. So it is better to rent a car and start making tours.

Main residents of mountains are animals and the famous one is the Snow Leopard. There is the award with the same name that is given to those who manage to summit all five peaks of the range some of which are in Kyrgyzstan. These peaks are estimated to be about 7, 000 meters high. Five peaks are located in different countries: 2 are in picturesque Kyrgyzstan, 2 are in Tajikistan.  In whole in former Soviet Union about 600 climbers successfully topped the summit.

Guests of a country can start for a tour in Kyrgyzstan Mountains and spend amazing time there. For travelling mountains contact our managers and they will give you all necessary information about the country and tours in Kyrgyzstan as well as car rent according to what you need. We want you to have great time in Kyrgyzstan tour and ready to do all the best.