There are different interesting sites and highlights must be seen on tours, but one of the most interesting places of historical meaning in the Chui Valley, Kyrgyzstan is the tower Burana. The word Burana means minaret from Turkic language. In the 11th century local residents of Kyrgyzstan created a 45 m tower. Burana beaconed the travelers in Kyrgyzstan along the Great Silk Way. Nowadays it is an open-air museum in Kyrgyzstan demonstrating stone warriors - balbals. You can rent a car on a tour and easily access there.

Sad events also happened, as in the 13th century it was seriously destroyed by Genghis Khan capturing. After this event the tower didn't undergo the process of repair and continued to destroy in the 15-16th centuries. During the Soviet Union powers there were made operation on reveling valuable things from this area, and all that was found, during investigation until 19th-20th centuries, was included in the collection of the Historical Museum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. As well the tower was often visited in 1991.

If you want, you can visit Burana as a part of a travel program in Kyrgyzstan. Contact our managers and they will describe all advantages of making a tour in Kyrgyzstan and provide car rent. We will take into consideration all your wishes and will not miss anything. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan and our company!