Dungan minster

Kyrgyzstan is ready to boast of charming landscapes, incredible nature and also beautiful natural resources. Our managers will be happy to create you excellent tours of Kyrgyzstan with the study of a religious site like the Dungan mosque. You have the opportunity to explore its territory during tours and get into the history of its creation. And we can help you explore the mosque in comfort, as you can rent a car for tours of Kyrgyzstan.

In 1877, people fled from China to the territory of Kyrgyzstan. You will be able to explore that once they arrived they were able to create a community. And in 1907, this is the year when people called the famous architect Zhou Xia to participate. He was able to build a mosque together with 20 people. As a result, a unique mosque was built without the use of metal and nails.

During the tours, our clients will be able to explore what each color on the mosque means and also rent a car. Our team offers you to rent a car from our company to find out the types of mosque yourself. You can learn that red means wealth, yellow represents wealth, and green represents happiness.

Also, when there was the Soviet Union, people could not visit religious places and believe in God and have a religion. All this was in the 20th century. When there was the Second World War, people suffered great losses, and Muslims were able to donate money to the state as aid. After that, the government gave permission to visit religious sites. You can rent a car on tours of Kyrgyzstan and explore the city of Karakol, visit the Dungan mosque and enjoy the scenery of nature.