Dungan mosque

            People in flight were moving for Karakol from China in 1877 and Dungan mosque is the place in Kyrgyzstan they visited in order to have rest. We offer amazing tour of renting a car and travel to such sacred place on tour. As well there will be time for praying being in the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan. To build the mosque local residents suggested help - 20 people - and invited the architect from Beijing Chjou Siy in 1907. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan you have an opportunity to visit the mosque. The style of the place is Chinese Buddhist temple with different colors of symbolization - red from evil spirits, yellow for wealth, green for happiness. During the Soviet Union it was closed due to prohibition of faith and religion. But the Muslim Community of Kyrgyzstan gave money after the WW2 for repair of the mosque.

            If you have an idea to make a tour in Kyrgyzstan, you should visit the mosque. This is a sacred place and bears great respect from local residents in Kyrgyzstan and from all travelers. Our company is always glad to help you in arranging your tours, contact our managers for more information as well as car rent. We are looking for your coming in Kyrgyzstan!