Eagle hunting

Long time ago eagle and horse were of the same price and brought respect to the owner that is why eagle hunting is rather popular in Kyrgyzstan. As only rich people could afford it. They hunted in 12th and 13th centuries, with eagles domesticated by berckutchi for fur and meet for villages of Kyrgyztan. Knowledge of eagle hunting were going from generation to generation and health and strong men could train eagles. You can see eagles and the way of them hunting with you to be involved in the process when you start for a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Also, you can rent a car to feel freedom of roads.

Berckuts have golden feathers at the back of the head. There are many kinds of animals on the territory of Kyrgyzstan the berkuts are snatching up, like hares, rabbits, marmots and ground squirrels, sometimes on foxes and lynxes. Female golden eagles live 40-50 years. Female eagles are bigger and hunt wolves and bigger animals.  After 20 years being with human in Kyrgyzstan they are free to create a nest and find a partner, as they live only in pairs. Hunting season with eagles, hawks and falcons starts in October and may last for more than 4 months and you can make a tour in Kyrgyzstan to be involved in hunting season. To attend demonstrations, you need to visit the regions of Kyrgyzstan on tours like Naryn and Issyk Kul, and Bishkek. The demonstration costs 100 $ per a group.

If you are nature-lover and want to do eagle hunting and just communicate with this king-like birds, set off for tours in Kyrgyzstan, as one of places of inhabitance is in Kyrgyzstan. Our company suggests the best service as well as car rent. Contact our managers and they will describe you all advantages of a tour you have chosen. Welcome to travel Kyrgyzstan and have nice time here!