Ethnic groups

Kyrgyzstan's ethnic groups are diverse and worth studying. Today, visitors are free to see the country, its history and ethnic points of the region of the mountain country during car rent tours. There are more than 6 million residents living in the state in the survey.

Ultimately, more than 60% are those people who live in the villages or in the hills. The average calculation indicates that 80 percent are Kyrgyz nationals, with 10 percent of Russians, 14 percent of Uzbeks and about 8 percent of Dungans, Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Tajiks being fewer than the other populations. You'll have a chance to get to know them on tours in Kyrgyzstan.

For lodgers to explore to get to know the actions of the local people as well as the nomads, our managers may provide different tour plans. There are still such people who live at high altitudes, raise cattle, live in yurts, and are mindful of their families' practices. Our offer is to rent a car and to become a part of Kyrgyzstan's nomadic society.