Flowering of nation Manas complex

Manas complex (also named as Manas Ordo) is a vast cultural and historical complex that preserves the story of the famous epic hero Manas which is famous in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. According to legend, it is here that his burial is located. Our guests will visit it in our tours.

Manas Ordo is located 22 kilometers east of the city of Talas, the smallest province of Kyrgyzstan. You can go by our car rent service while having tours. The location of the complex is not accidental: according to legend, it was in the Talas Valley that the main headquarters of Manas and his army was located. The epic tells about the Kyrgyz baatyr Manas, who returned the Kyrgyz from the Altai to the Tien Shan, and later defended them from Chinese raids.

The epic is historical, and therefore a significant part of the events described in it took place in reality. In tours to complex we will observe the main attraction of the complex which is the gumbez Manas, i.e. his grave. In fact, gumbez is not the grave of Manas. The building of Gumbez is a Karakhanid mausoleum of the late period, built 5 centuries before the events described in the epic. Presumably, the daughter of the Karakhanid Khan is buried there, on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. It was built in 1334. You can take a car rent service if you travel with our company.