High in the mountains in Kyrgyzstan snow is always lying due to heights and there we may meet glaciers. And the compressed snow creates ices, as with high altitudes snow never melts. Rivers made of ice are moving at 3-40 cm a day and such factors as width of the valley, thickness of ice, and incline depend on the rate of moving. Never melting snow is estimated as 30% or 8100 km2 with glaciers of 4% in Kyrgyzstan. You can rent a car and get access there.

In Kyrgyzstan Enilchek Glacier is known for the division on Northern and Southern at the bottom of the Peak Pobeda you have an opportunity to tour being in Kyrgyzstan. Sheets of ice, glaciers are estimated as 580 billion m3 surface covering. In case of melting water will cover Kyrgyzstan at the depth of 3 km.

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