In Kyrgyzstan handicraft is a popular everyday activity especially of those who do a nomad way of life. Vessels, leather cases for storing a mare's milk in sabaa, kumys in chanach, kokoor - as a teapot are created in Kyrgyzstan. All handicraft things are decorated by ribbons and leather colored in different colors. Women are creating carpets as Shyrdak, Alakiyiz for more than 30-40 years of usage. Being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car you can create your own carpet with the help of local residents.

Kyrgyzstan is known for making vessels, leather cases of any kind with the demonstration of nomadic life. One of it is a roomy sabaa, where a mare's milk is made, chanach - where kumys is easily transported, kokoor - as a teapot, to serve kumyz. People in Kyrgyzstan used to decorate with metal ribbons and colored leather. Women are great handcrafters and create amazing carpets like Shyrdak, Alakiyiz. The carpets are made from sheep's wool, full of colorful flowers. The main element of decoration is the scene of animals, hunt and wedding, funerals and competitions as these events are considered to be the most important ones in life of people. To watch and visit handicraft in Kyrgyzstan you should travel to the village Kochkor or the Asian Bazaar in Bishkek.

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