Highest Lenin

In the Osh area of Kyrgyzstan, we'll be exploring Peak Lenin, the highest point in the country. Travelers with a car rent may join a Kyrgyzstan tour that takes them near to Tajikistan's border today. The peak reaches a height of 7134 meters. During a Kyrgyzstan car rent tour across the country, travelers may visit the area around the peak. However, the peak is not always visible due to cloud cover.

Depending on height, the weather in the mountains may be variable. During his 1871 tour, A.P. Fedchanko examined the area and identified the peak. When Peak Kaufman was born, the governor and Soviet commander at the moment gave him this name. The peak's name was then taken from the name of the incumbent leader of the era.

During the initial tour, none of the party members were able to reach the top. Eventually, the Soviet Red Army replicated the vaulting and built the Lenin monument. In 1967, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the 301 expedition jumped. As a result of this vaulting, the general public was made aware of the existence of over 16 different routes.

People who rent a car in Kyrgyzstan alone or with the aid of a professional may be at risk due to the mountainous terrain. Understanding how to be safe in this location is essential due to the unpredictable weather. An earthquake in 1991 and a hurricane in 1974 both led to the abductions of a group of women.

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