History of Kyrgyzstan

There are different theories of emergence of Kyrgyzstan, and according to history, Celestial Mountains, or Tien Shan Mountains, seem to have a long history of existence. But the true information of emergence is still a legend in the world around; the travellers in Kyrgyzstan from all times used to tell some facts and mainly information was going from them. Pyotr Semyonov - Tian-Shansky on the suggestion of Humbolt, determined the mountains of Kyrgyzstan previously unknown. He was the first European who saw the panorama of the Tian Shan and out of it he was given the title Tian-Shansky by tsar.  The Buddhist Monk Hsuan Tsang in the 7th century B.C. explored the south of the mountain range in his travel tour in Kyrgyzstan. The Monk said that "there was nothing except snow and ice with snowy and strong winds". Ww would like suggest you to rent a car and explore its history.

Mountains in Kyrgyzstan seem to be magnetically attractive. Our company is ready to help in organizing tours in Kyrgyzstan of your dream. Managers of a company will take into account all details and peculiar details of a tour in Kyrgyzstan and car rent. Welcome to travel in Kyrgyzstan! 

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