Horse games and other national games

Kyrgyz are nomads in their past and tend to do horse and different national games. In addition, they used to live in yurts - round stable houses where you have an opportunity to live in the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan. Men needed to show powers and women were the ones to serve household. When there were no wars on the territory of modern Kyrgyzstan, people were playing games, as horses played an essential role here. For exploring more, it is recommended to rent a car and continue seeing culture on tours.

Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan is a famous sport game and a way to spend free time. One of the first well-known games is Kok Boru, according to the rules there are two teams of eight people who are throwing the dead goat in the goal of the opponent. Not every man can overcome this game, as it is rather difficult to throw the dead goat of twenty pounds. According to this reason, the game demands invisible powers, physical strength. Physical strength is essential for people of Kyrgyzstan as riding the horse is not an easy deal itself. Erenish is an interesting and unique game of showing the strength of riders struggling on the back of the horse; the opponent has an aim to throw the others off the horse. Kyz-Kuumai is the game of conquering the heart of a beloved girl with singing serenades and poems. In the essence of the game lies to catch the girl, that is the part of the wedding event, with the bride and the groom involved. The name of the game in the translation of the Kyrgyz language means "to catch up the girl". The can arise difficulties as the bride is given odds in this game in starting 5-10 minutes earlier and stronger horse. After the groom managed to catch the girl he must kiss and marry her. You can try playing this game in tours.

Some of games are like wrestling, or Greco-Roman and free style wrestling game is Alysh. People of those times in Kyrgyzstan had to struggle the opponents and they needed physical strength. But, in a peacetime, when there were no wars, intellectual games took a leading position and developed skills and knowledge. When you start for a tour in Kyrgyzstan with car rent you have an opportunity to make a try of all these games and local residents will gladly help you.

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