Issyk Kul Lake

The Issyk Kul is the lake of 8,5 m depth is surrounded by the Kungey-Alatau Range in the north and the Terskey-Alatau Range in the south in Kyrgyzstan. The lake is always available as never freezes and out of it the name from Kyrgyz means "hot lake". The lake has no flows out and is located on the north-east of the country. The attempts to identify the water level were made in 1856 and 2002. Since 1950 north banks of the lake were used as the recreational source. You can freely start to rent a car on a tour in Kyrgyzstan and in frames of a tour visit lake Issyk Kul. Different species of fish lives in clean waters of the lake, like naked osman, the chebak, and the carp that are fished to be sold. During underwater investigation ancient ruins, disappeared in the result of earthquake in Kyrgyzstan, were found. The lake with its amazing gorges, cool and fresh air will stay in hearts forever. Due to it not to freeze during winter tour in Kyrgyzstan, you can visit the lake any season of the year.

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