Kyrgy Traditional clothes

Tours in Kyrgyzstan on cars for rent always touch various sides of culture of the country and for now we would like to tell you about traditional clothes of the Kyrgyz people. We are glad to give you all the opportunities of an interesting tour in the country as we are looking forward for meeting all of your wishes and desires. You can travel in any site of the country and witness all the sites of historical significance. We are glad to announce that during tours on Kyrgyzstan cars rent you will be able to wear national clothes of the Kyrgyz people and make interesting photos against breath-taking views.

So, as for the clothes about which you can know more when you start to travel, there are such clothes which were used by men and women. And here it is fur coat for wearing during severe winter "Ichik". Also, both were wearing "beldemchi" - but for men it was a war cloth and for women it used to be a skirt.

Starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to notice that men used to wear trousers like "jarq shym", "kandagay", "chalbar", shoes Chokoy and Charyk and hats tebetey, kalpak and malakai. Women used to wear jacket - "chyptama" as well.