Kyrgyz Currency

Travelers of Kyrgyzstan before coming here should know about Kyrgyz currency. Therefore, we are excited to provide information about it would be useful for guests of our country. Voyagers want to know more about the amount of the currency to bring in Kyrgyzstan and use being on tours. Also, you can rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and pay with dollars and soms. Currency can be exchanged in the banks of Kyrgyzstan. On the tours in Kyrgyzstan please rent a car for the calming tour.

It is worth saying that the rates change in the banks of Bishkek, it is good than in the regions of the country and bazaars. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan it is important to exchange the money. The banks work till 5pm, with the offices of money exchange about 24 hours a day. It is must be said that while making a currency exchange you need to have the passport. There is Visa and Master card credit cards, but not in all of the places they can be used. In addition, cash is often used on the tours in Kyrgyzstan.