Kyrgyz Folklore show

You are required to pay your attention to folklore show being in a tour in Kyrgyzstan usually on rented cars. We would like to organize an interesting tour for you to travel in our country with pleasure. In the course of  tours you will find out that folklore touches the following branches - songs which are seen as sanat and imbue, proverbs and sayings, riddles and puzzles. We would like also to note that in the course of a tour which you are going to travel you will meet various legends and myths of the country and some peculiar sites.

It is necessary to note that Kyrgyz people have always been known as the people with a great love to music. And in the course of a tour in car for rent in Kyrgyzstan it will be possible to find out that songs are seen from the point of view of songs and kuu. Kuu is seen as the music which is accompanied with various instruments like komuz, kyyak, chopo choor.

During tours in Kyrgyzstan you are going to travel along various peculiar sites and you are of great recommendation to travel and listen to akyns and manaschi. Manaschi are retelling the famous epic under the accompaniment of national instruments komuz or kyl-kyyak. Akyns are improvising on some peculiar subject. While making tours in Kyrgyzstan we advise to travel to Kochkor village and visit the show for 50$ and Bishkek paying 100$.