Kyrgyz Handicraft

As guests of the country know it is possible to rent a car Bishkek and find a lot of interesting activities during tours in Kyrgyzstan and one of such activities is seen in handicraft. During tours in Kyrgyzstan cars for rent it is possible to see that the nomadic life is connected with various vessels and cases made of leather and clay. Being in a tour you are required to travel to various sites of the country with an aim of witnessing the process of creation vessels for kumis. And in this case we would like you to know that chanach is used for the transportation of it, kokoor is used for serving to guests and sabaa is the special vessel for the creation of kumis. In the ocurse of a tour when you start to travel in Kyrgyzstan you will see that carpets are of a great meaning for the people of the country and such carpets as Shyrdak, Alakiyiz are usually decorated with flowers and lines. They can serve for more than 30-40 years. For you to be able to see handicraft during your tour which you travel in Kyrgyzstan you need to travel to Kochkor village and Asian Bazaar and witness the handicraft performance.