Kyrgyz Ranges

While making tours in Kyrgyzstan you will be able to rent a car and find out that in the country there are 88 ranges which are of great interest. Starting to travel in the country our team will always answer all the questions you are interested. Travel in Kyrgyzstan and see that the main range of the country is Tien Shan and it is seen as being one where snow-white peaks are located. During tours on a car for rent in the country guests of the country will be able to find out that there is also Chon Alai range and it seems to be of the part of the Pamir mountain system. We would like to note the fact that the longest range is Kakshaal of 582km and the second place takes Kyrgyz range of 454km.

In the course of tours in the country of mountains you will be able to be convinced that there are mountains which border the country. And here we mention the Terskey Ala Too range in the south and the Kungey Ala Too range in the north. Along with it these ranges border well-known lake Issyk Kul. We recommend you to travel in Kyrgyzstan as here there are a lot of interesting sites which draw your attention at the first site.