Kyrgyz Restaurants and cafes

As Kyrgyzstan is a country of constant celebrations we would like to give you more information about restaurant and cafés of the country and the capital of it. So, during tours in Kyrgyzstan rent a car with our company you will be given all the opportunities of visiting various sites without caring about it. In case you travel on your own you will have to know about such places as follows:

"Arzu" is a restaurant of Kyrgyz, Uigur, Dungan and European cuisine located at Togolok Moldo, 13. During tours in Kyrgyzstan it is going to be pleasant if you visit this place as there are different halls here: smoking and non-smoking halls inside and summer hall. The atmosphere is cozy and pleasant, everything is made in the traditional style. You have an opportunity to visit it during the tour around the city and try any dish for the average price of 15$. In case people want to celebrate the bigger event they start for "Arzu Grand" (Jibek Jolu street).

"Tyubeteika" is the place which seems to be almost the same as the "Arzu". The difference is in higher prices. The atmosphere resembles the national style with songs of national singers being played. If you travel in Kyrgyzstan with kids, you can visit this restaurant as every Saturday from 11-00 to 14-00 holidays for children are held. The restaurant may be found at Turusbekov 31.

"Chayhana Navat" is the place of tribal history. Being here you can immerse in history of the Kyrgyz people and along with it you can try Eastern, European and Chinese cuisine. The restaurant of delightful atmosphere is located at Kievskiy 114/1, Fuchika 3, Tokombaev 32, Turusbekov 100, Kurmanjan Datka 242, Baytik Baatyr 55, Ibraimova 42 streets.

Café "Faiza" is seen as the canteen of delicious and not so expensive food. In the course of a tour you have an opportunity to visit the café and have dinner after 3-10 minutes of waiting. Travelling in Kyrgyzstan visit Mederova 159, Jibek Jolu 555 Streets.

"Chef. Tenishev's Restaurant" is known to be located at 122, Tynystanova str. You can witness the restaurant while you travel in the Oak Park. The atmosphere here is pleasant, cozy and romantic. Food is delicious and fresh. Peculiar cuisine is European and Italian. Average price is 30-50 $.

Being in Kyrgyzstan do not miss such places as "Yr Kese, "Usta", "Travel Pub", "Nar", "Mario", "Omar ne Hayam", Café-bar "Ugolok" and "Zolden".  In some of them you can freely order steaks and kebabs for the average price of 15-20 $.

Steak House "Attila" is the place where you can try organic, low fat meat of beef, yak, lamb and horse. Meat undergoes fermentation of 25-60 days. On visiting the place during the tour in Kyrgyzstan you will find yourself in the atmosphere of leather materials, of warmth. Turkic tribes are depicted on the walls of the restaurant where for the average price of 20-30 $ you will be offered delicious cuisine. The restaurant may be visited during your cars rent tour to the gorge Ala Archa.

Pinta Pub is the café for football lovers where you can order beer of various kinds - craft, bottle and fresh draft. The café is located at Frunze, 99 and Tokombaeva, 13. Travel in Kyrgyzstan and visit this place as here you can order beef, lamb and horse meat, fish and meat sets, steaks. Average price for beer is 1-2.5 $.

Navigator is the beloved place of all who travel in Kyrgyzstan as the stuff speaks English fluently. During tours in Kyrgyzstan you can try traditional, European, East Asian cuisine for the average price of 20 to 30 $. The place is located in the very center of Bishkek - 103, Moskovskaya str.

"Buffet" is seen as the net of canteens located in different sites of Bishkek - 147/1 Chuy str, 96 Kievskaya str, 174 Chuy str and 7 Manas Str. The average price for breakfast is 70 soms ($1), lunch or dinner - 140-200 soms ($2-2.8). Cuisine is delicious, food is fresh. Atmosphere is seen of pleasant and clean. Stuff is extremely polite.

"Slim Fit" is the place for those who want to have meal of usual American and European cuisine. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan you can order omelets, eggs, cereals, soups and sandwiches. Products are delivered from USA. It is a nice place for all who travel in the country and those who want to follow healthy way of eating.

"Yr Kese" is the café of national cuisine, national style and national details. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan you can visit this café and witness the style of the Soviet Kyrgyzstan, of nomadic tribes. As walls are made in such styles, you can immerse in history just having visited this café. Making a visit of this café during the tour in Kyrgyzstan rent a car Bishkek you will be offered national drinks Jarma, Maksym, Bozo, Chalap and Kumis.