Kyrgyzstan History

History of the mountains of Kyrgyzstan is interesting and enigmatic. Starting tours in Kyrgyzstan car rent you are required various opportunities but the main fact stays to be like you will be told legends and myths along with true facts of the country. It is known that Tien Shan mountains emerged long time ago and there were a lot of people who were trying to travel to these mountains. They mere making tours and at the same time were giving various facts. But not all the information could be considered to be true. In the course of a tour in Kyrgyzstan rent cars you will listen to the following facts - in the 19th century the investigator P. Semyonov made a tour and identified true facts about the country. You should know that in the 7th century the Buddhist monk Hsuan Tsang decided to travel in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and said that the territory is covered with contact snow and ice. In 1273 Marco Polo with father and son made a tour when they travelled the route in the Tien Shan Mountains.