Kyrgyzstan in different seasons of the year

It is always very interesting to witness countries and their changing on tours. Using the services of car rent, you will have an opportunity to explore all beauties of Kyrgyzstan. As for Kyrgyzstan, it is different in all seasons of the year and every season has its own beauty. Kyrgyzstan is a country when you cannot predict the weather with strong winds at high elevations.  And warm weather is at low altitudes. May to September is Spring, September to December is Autumn, December to February is winter.

In winter weather is cold and snowy especially at high elevations, as with the altitude growing, the temperature is growing too. The winter temperature can be about + 1 °C (34 °F), and it is the average indication in Kyrgyzstan. First frosts show up in the middle of December and in the second half of January, and it means the residents and guest have to wear warm clothes as well as rent a car not to get cold being in Kyrgyzstan. January is said to be the coldest month of the whole year, with the average temperature of -10 °C. In addition, it is not the indication of it to be always at the same level, as some years at a row the temperature was going lower, about -20, 25°C, but it happens rarely. That is why for those who make a travel in Kyrgyzstan and rent a car in winter, should be ready for temperatures. In highlands precipitations are often seen as heavy snowfalls. For travellers it becomes difficult to pass treks and paths in Kyrgyzstan, as everything is covered with snow and boarding houses are closed, so the best solution for this is the use of a car rent Winter is the season of winter kinds of sport, at the specialized winter bases in Karakol and in Tien Shan Mountains.

Spring is the season when weather is calm and mild in Kyrgyzstan, coming in force in first days of May with hot breaths. The months of spring are March, April and May that show up with thawing and melting of the winter snows. The temperature is + 16 °C (60 °F), and in recent years it was even up to 29-30 °C though there are heavy rainfalls anyway, so that the paths are impossible to pass; spring is associated with the period of something new to be created, it is the time new beginnings and happy events; new buds loom, nature starts to rebirth, with animals awakening from the winter period. In addition, you have a great opportunity to see these amazing things by yourself on tours, just setting a tour for Kyrgyzstan. As well, this is the season of farmers and gardeners to start their works and plant the seeds, as temperatures are slowly rising; in mountains, it happens slower.

The time of warm temperatures in Kyrgyzstan starts in summer, with temperatures of about 35 °C (95°F) - 45° C (113° F). But in mountains temperatures are not so high; all depends on the altitudes, when it may be rather freezing. In the summer it is high time to investigate Kyrgyzstan with perfect car rent services as weather is fine.

You may feel nomad life staying in the yurt, riding a horse, hiking. In lake Issyk Kul, small and big mountain lakes everybody can swim, but for that it is necessary to reserve theó boarding house or the yurt beforehand for a tour in Kyrgyzstan; having done it on your tours will be without any problems and difficulties, as booking during summer period is a heavy and complicated process.

Autumn is a month when weather in Kyrgyzstan is still warm and pleasant, and in September, it is possible to continue any tour in Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes people want to spend their free time alone or with their close people, it indicates the desire to spend time in not crowded places of Kyrgyzstan. In autumn the weather is unpredictably amazing and beautiful with the trees becoming yellow, orange and red, but fir trees still green.

Weather can be identified to be clear or cloudy by seeing white tops of mountains. Temperature varies from + 16 °C (60 °F) to + 3 °C (37.5 °F). In autumn nature is extremely beautiful and fits to the period of taking photos. Roads can closed and blocked already in November, as it becomes colder and heavy rains happen often.

In Kyrgyzstan in every season there can be found places of interest to visit, all you need is to decide what exactly you want: hiking, trekking, horse riding, shooting, car rent, self-driving, being among nomads or get to know something knew about Kyrgyz history.

For you to find season you want to be appropriate, for setting off a tour in Kyrgyzstan, contact our managers and they will gladly discuss all conditions with you bad find the period for you. Tours in Kyrgyzstan are made in all seasons of the year as well as you can rent a car, but details and circumstances may be different. We wish you an interesting and amazing travel in Kyrgyzstan.