There are a lot of lakes in Kyrgyzstan must be visited on tours. They are located depending on the elevation, and mainly there are 2000 lakes in the country, covering 6 836 km2 of the surface area of Kyrgyzstan. Small lakes can be found at the height of 2500 and 4000 meter above sea level that became the result of melting. In Kyrgyz language the word for "kul" is "lake" and identify lakes in names Issyk Kul, Son Kul and Chatyr Kul. We offer car rent so that you can travel over there.

Major lakes of Kyrgyzstan are: 

The pride of Kyrgyzstan is the lake that never congeal, is located at the bottom of the chain. The Issyk Kul is translated as "warm lake". It is 1600 m above sea level, and is the second largest after Lake Titicaca in South America. The Issyk Kul is 180 km long and 60 km wide; it is as deep as 700 m. the Issyk Kul is crystal clear as Lake Baykal. Every year, any season you have an opportunity to travel in Kyrgyzstan and visit the lake on tour.

The second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan is Son Kul surrounded by pastures and flowering meadows. Chayr Kul is seen as the highest lake of 3530 m, going from Kok Aygyr river. Lake Merzbacher is seen every summer but then it disappears out of sight. It is rather large, about 4km, and in depth is 40-80 m. Mountain valley Sary Chelek acquires waters from mountain streams in the southwest of Kyrgyzstan. It is named also as National Park, but it is impossible to enter it.

There are a lot of different tours in Kyrgyzstan for you to start and managers of our company will surely provide you with all necessary information. The most visited lakes in Kyrgyzstan are Issyk Kul and Son Kul, as well as the others are extremely attractive and picturesque ones. If you have extra questions about car rent, tours and travels contact us and welcome to travel to Kyrgyzstan!