Lenin top

Our team consists of professionals able to show the most amazing and sometimes remote locations of Kyrgyzstan, and today the aim of investigation is peak Lenin. While taking a tour on rented cars in the Osh region, we can view this peak. At the same time guests who travel here make sure of it being the border with Tajikistan. The height of the peak is estimated being 7134 m. That is why in the course of the tour in Kyrgyzstan guests can visit the territory of the mountain of the peak, but sometimes not seeing it as the top can be covered with the clouds.

Be sure the trip is going along the sites, where you are aware of weather changing greatly. It means you have a ride on the cars for rent along the mountains, where with each altitude it becomes colder. According to history, there was an investigator A.P. Fedchanko, taking routes here in 1871. At the same time in the past times the name of the peak was Peak Kaufman, of the governor and Soviet leader. Then in the other period of being the name of the other leader was given to the peak.

There used to be many expeditions made, so in 1929 there was a try of vaulting, but not successful one. Little later, the group of the Soviet Red Army managed to get to the top and put the monument to Lenin at the top of it. And of course the most famous vaulting happened in 1967, when 301 people made the anniversary vaulting, opening 16 routes.

But the mountain heights present great danger, so it is highly important to travel here with the professional company. Weather is extremely changeable and impossible to be seen in one condition for a long time. There were situations, when tragic events happened there, like in 1974 the women team and in 1991 the team of 44 people, were taken by natural disasters.