Peak Lenin in Kyrgyzstan

Peak Lenin is another attraction in our state, which travelers can get acquainted with during the tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service. Peak is located in the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan on the border with Tajikistan. Peak Lenin is one of the highest peaks in the country, the height of which is 7134 m. Our company provides a unique chance for travelers from all countries to see such delights of the nature of Kyrgyzstan during the tours with Kyrgyzstan cars rent service. By the way, during the tour it is quite possible the territory of Peak Lenin, but it is worth considering the fact that the peak is not always visible because of the clouds. The weather on the peaks is not stable, changeable.

Traveling around our country through cars rent Kyrgyzstan service, guests of the country will learn a lot about the history of Peak Lenin. For example, they will tell you on the tour that the mountain was first explored and discovered by a Russian traveler explorer A.P. Fedchanko when he was here in 1871. This explorer, having discovered this mountain, gave such a name as Kaufman Peak in honor of the governor and the Soviet leader.

In 1929, the first expedition was made by climbers, which failed. After such a first unsuccessful attempt, the Soviet Red Army, who successfully got through and erected a monument to Lenin, made the vault. During the tour, travelers will learn from the history of Peak Lenin that in 1967 the 301st expedition made a jubilee vault, which made it clear that there are more than 16 routes.

Traveling in the mountains of the country can be dangerous from the point of view of weather conditions, so if you contact us for tours with Kyrgyzstan cars rent service that you will be accompanied by professionals it will be less dangerous. The weather is unpredictable and examples of such tragic weather events can be a team of women who went to a peak in 1974 and were hit by a storm. The next event took place in 1991 when a team of 44 climbers died due to an earthquake.