Here you can find a small review of the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Tours around our country are provided by various travel companies, because they know about all the details of a successful trip.

Travel companies have been working in this area for a long time, which means they are already quite experienced. Having learned about their functions, it will be easier for you to carry out, for example, entering and leaving the country.

The best tour can only be provided by a company that treats its work and guests with great love. Our company also belongs to such one, because we respect each of our clients and select tours personally to his requirements. This means the details, places, entertainment of each tour are different.

Our guests want to take all-wheel drive cars for rent on their travels. Because it is, an opportunity to get to distant places, to see the impressive places of the country. On the not very high-quality roads of Kyrgyzstan, it is better to rent a car as jeep.

Most of the territory of Kyrgyzstan, due to the mountains, is very suitable for such activities as trekking, walking, horse riding. Another nice side of traveling in Kyrgyzstan is that the people here are very hospitable and you will have the pleasure of talking with the locals. Traveling around the country, tourists spend their nights in guesthouses, in yurts. Guesthouses will certainly provide you with comfort, which is not expected in yurts. In these traditional dwellings, the toilet is located outside and there are usually no showers.

We are responsible for quality service in our tours.


We are glad to provide you useful information about Kyrgyzstan: 
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