Self - drive rules

Taking into account self - drive rules it will easy to travel in Kyrgyzstan without issues. There are some tips of better tours in Kyrgyzstan.

- Advance reserve of the car is obligatory. When you travel in Kyrgyzstan you will be provided by wide range of cars according to your taste and wishes. It is recommended to plan the followed date of your tours in Kyrgyzstan.  Please take a note that the best time of making the tour in Kyrgyzstan is to come from 20 June till 20 September. If you delay your travels you may not have car rent at this period of time.

- The age of car renter must be 18 - 64 years old.

- Payment method must be done in dollars, euros or soms.

- Insurance of the car is provided by our company. Before you take a car it is important to make a deposit of 400 $. After returning the car the amount of the deposit will be given back to you. If there are damages of the car as car accidents, the amount of deposit will be taken and rest paid by insurance company. Note: insurance company does not cover unnecessary damages as windows, roofs, tires and others.

- The maximum limit is 300 km a day. Driving over than fixed limit, you will be 0.3 $ for every extra km.

- It is available to drive around Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Driving out of Kyrgyzstan you will have to pay 50 $ per tour without additional documents.

- Traffic rules must be always followed. To be in alcoholic intoxication is strictly forbidden. Being in the foreign county it is important to follow all speed limits and avoid car accidents. Drivers must respect rules and not violate restrictions. It is allowed to drive from 40 to 60 km/h and 90 km/h in villages (maximum). In addition headlights of the car must be always on even in daytime.

- Facing with the car accident, it is obligatory to inform our managers for getting special instructions. On time you will need to find witnesses and collect necessary information for your justification.

- In the end of the tour in Kyrgyzstan, the car must be returned in the same quantity of fuel, otherwise you will be charged for fuel according to contract price.


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