All who travel in Kyrgyzstan can rent a car and they want to know general information about the territory of the country along with all the details which should be paid attention. During tours in Kyrgyzstan on rented cars you can find out that our country is located in the very mountains and it is in Central Asia. Starting to travel in the country you are given all the opportunities for the tour to be going great, without any difficulties. The territory is known to be 198,500 km2 with the total are being from east to west 900km and from north to south 410km. We have decided to outline the fact that with the existence of 7 regions in Kyrgyzstan you can travel to any and find various sites of historical significance. Along with it we would like to note that there are neighbors from any part of the country. So, from the east there is China, from the north Kazakhstan, from the west Uzbekistan and from the south Tajikistan. And of course regions of the country are as follows:


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