Traditions and Customs

There are a lot of interesting customs and traditions in Kyrgyzstan and first it is necessary to identify the history of emergence on tours. We recommend to rent a car and add more interests to your travels. It is widely known that folk traditions of Turkic and Mongolian peoples are closely connected to nomadic way of life in Kyrgyzstan.  Now a sovereign country and modern society, Kyrgyzstan and people of the country bear respect to the past and serve holidays, folk crafts, poems and music of nomadic life. Traditions and customs are celebrated in the country each year with tasty food, demonstrations and concerts you have an opportunity to attend being on a tour in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz have always been hospitable and always had a great variety of food for guests from different countries travelling in Kyrgyzstan and on the table there had always been a fried bread "boorsok", there emerged different kinds of bread like "komoch-nan"(round bread), "tandyr-nan", baked in special clay oven, round one. From the mare's milk national drink is Kumys is made

The other well-known tradition in Kyrgyzstan concludes in the idea that every bride must have a dowry of many different and peculiar cloths, pillows and carpets. Kyrgyz women are masterful workmanship; the older ones always pass skills of wool processing, embroidery for clothes and carpets to younger ones. And it is the process of sacred activity going from generation to generation.

Tours in Kyrgyzstan concludes visiting of villages and people closely connected to traditions and customs. We are always glad to explain all details of car rent as well as tours in Kyrgyzstan, you need to contact our managers and all information will be given to you. We wish an interesting travel period in Kyrgyzstan, welcome!