Yurt is a round dwelling for people who live in mountains of Kyrgyzstan made of timber without nails and metal, the word came from Turkic language and means "the people". Kyrgyz always breed cattle and for them it was important to transport dwelling in short terms along the whole great territory of Kyrgyzstan. Now you can meet nomads on tours but they are fewer than in the past. For comfortable travels we suggest to rent a car.

The shape of it can be explained by people living in steppes and they had struggled strong winds. The circular shape also symbolizes the big family to gather. When you start a tour in Kyrgyzstan, you are offered to live in yurts for better involvement in culture, traditions, history.

The process of the yurt taken together takes about 30 minutes and 3 hour period is demanded to take it apart. Around 15 people can stay in the dwelling. But there are two main rules of living in it: your heart must be nourished with the love and harmony with nature of Kyrgyzstan and whole world, people and yourself and if you enter the yurt you are obliged to taste all food in it.

We are always glad to identify the tour in Kyrgyzstan according to your wishes and desires. You need to point out time and date of your arrival as well as car rent issues, and then we will arrange a tour that is convenient for you. Kyrgyzstan is a hospitable country. Contact our company for more information and make yourself at home.