Great Silk Road Tours

Great Silk Road Tours. 

Our desire is to show the most amazing places of all Central Asia countries. And today all of the people all over the globe have an opportunity to be welcomed! Now, our company is glad to provide the chance to see all of the five stans, five countries of the Great Silk Road. Visiting our website the over-seers can choose the program of the tour they want to start. Each route will be oriented on emotions of the visitants. So, starting to travel in Kyrgyzstan everyone is able to be in the very heart of nature, travelling in the mountains. When you find yourself at the territory of Kazakhstan, it is possible to visit the ancient sites, bearing the history of the past times. Tajikistan is famous for being the country with exquisite and delicious cuisine. Uzbekistan is known for being the state with wonderful and enigmatic architecture, as blue domes for example. And in the end of the tour, it is possible to visit Turkmenistan and communicate with the local dwellers, feel their hospitality and be the one to visit the remote places of the country.

Silk Road Tours are identified to be the tours created for the people who have seen various wanders but still wishing to see more!

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