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Regarding the relations and the growth of nationalism, the situation in Kyrgyzstan remains highly unstable, with a clear tendency to deteriorate. Conclusion of the National Commission for examination in June 2010 in southern Kyrgyzstan, the following picture of the ethnic mosaic of the country:


"In the Soviet Union in the 1989 census Republic of Kyrgyz lived (52.4%), Uzbeks (12.9%), Russia (21.5%), other ethnic groups (13.2%). According to the statistics of Today, immigrants from south of the country about 700 thousand people in this rather difficult and unfavorable socio-economic background, the ethnic structure of the population and the southern regions has changed Thus, in the 2009 census population of the Republic will be as follows: Kyrgyz - 71%. ., Uzbeks - 14.3%, Russian - 7.8%, other -. 6.9% are in the southern areas of performance like this in Osh Kyrgyz make 68.6%, Uzbeks -. 28%, in Osh in Kyrgyzstan - 47.9%, Uzbeks - 44, 2% in the Jalal-Abad region. Kyrgyzstan - 71.8%, Uzbeks - 24 8% "


Kyrgyzstansky Trekking: Approximately 007
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking round
Duration: 8 days

Day 1: You will arrive at Manas International Airport in Kyrgyzstan, where you will meet your tour guide . It will be hard in the city of Bishkek. The arrangement at the hotel. Then you have breakfast and rest. After dinner you have an overview of the sights that Oak Park will include the Wing - Too Square, Philharmonic, Statue Manas, the Victory Square. Dinner and overnight of tour parking is available at the hotel.
Day 2: After a strengthening breakfast pass to Karakol in Kyrgyzstan. Survey of sights day (Russian Orthodox Church and Mosque Dungan). Dinner and overnight of tour parking in Karakol in small hotels.
Day 3: Today we drive to go and travel to Karakol and change to the bus to the Russian army 4WD vehicle (uazik). You then assign the south along a river valley Karakol. 4 army trucks WD go the fascinating mountain road venting through wood from a tree made of fur and rocks of the valley between devocalization Karakol. The next stage - round of a trekking tour valley Крыла-Kul in wood of a tree made of fur. Dinner and overnight of tour parking in tents at Camp Sirota (2800 m) in Kyrgyzstan.
Day 4: In the morning we will continue trekking tour and travel after receiving a valley height. Today you will be transferred Alakol lake. A dinner in the lake. He sits at a height of 3532 meters above sea level. Than 2.3 km in length and 700 meters through, are a Basque beret of water from thawing glaciers and turns to good falls at the other end. Today we will also pass through the wing Kul (3860 m) are executed and then we will go to gorge Keldike. Dinner and overnight of tour parking in tents in the canyon Keldike (3200 m).
Day 5: After breakfast trek and travel to the valley Altyn Arashan. "Altyn Arashan" Hot Springs is Kyrgyz while "gold весен" and known. With its natural medicinal sulfur A free time for recreation or to visit Hot Springs. The dinner will be organized on a way. Dinner and overnight of tour parking in a wooden house (2600 m).
Day 6: Today we will begin to go on the main road. Take a vehicle. The engine for the city of Karakol very fascinating mountain road. Arrival in Karakol. Convenient vehicle turning air conditioning on the bus. Drive to Cholpon-Ata. Day to relax at sea. Dinner and overnight of tour parking is available in small hotels.
Day 7: In the morning transfer to Bishkek. Stop in a way Burana Tower, the ancient city of Balasagyn - see exit (XI, XIII). The dinner will be organized on a way. Day is free. Dinner and overnight of tour parking is available in small hotels or hotel.
Day 8: Today you have a flight home.

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Our company will make every effort to help you discover this beautiful country on your own, and learn the nomadic lifestyle. One of the best ways to do that, try hiking or horse riding tours in Kyrgyzstan. Your visit will be in heaven Kyrgyzstan engraved in your mind throughout your life.

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