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Turkestan Governor-General Kaufman had not forgotten the written arrangement, which spoke to him several years after travel to Issyk-Kul Petr Petrovich Semenov, which has already become recognized as  nym scientists, in fact, the head of Russian geo  ety. PP Semenov, pointing to the underwater finds Kyrgyz Issyk-Kul, and noted their undoubted  nuyu scientific value, and urged to look for pre  meta antiquity, concentrating them in the museum, which is necessarily  sarily must be opened in Tashkent. General-gu  bernator would pass for a man educated in Russia has recently joined to the province wanted to bring an administrative order, Noah convert extensional  economy, revive the culture. In the office tour  kestanskogo Governor-General was kept  Nye has compiled in 1856 at the request of Ciocan Valikhanov  squeak merchant Isayev, not just who was walking with caravans through the Issyk-Kul in East Turkestan in the 1820s of  Dah. The merchant mentioned some underwater ruins in Tyup Bay, right on the river flows into the lake. "Bu  dimye in the water storage building of stone, - read the note, - Only one must call in on a horse up to two hundred fathoms. They say those residents of the buildings so that if the city's greatest here, and there was a flood  tion, and if it were not there before the lake. " And, of course  but quoted Kyrgyz legends about the formation of the lake. Kaufman gave little importance to them. Other de  lo - email enlightened dignitary PP Se  domains! And besides, the military governor, and Shemer, Censky of GA Kolpakovsky stubbornly insisting  scribes on the same, and the ancient things sends to confirm  assertion, but the majority out of the water!

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