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Life count the time that death gives delight. " Ere matic praise of earthly pleasures, instead of sanctimonious hearings and the desire for eternal blessed stvu in the garden in an age of orthodox Islam was daring kim. It is too obvious in common with rubai Omar Khayyam, so as not to cause a feeling that some of these lines belong to the poet from his associates.
Bowls, of course, belonged to a bygone Middle Ages were, in all probability, fabrication HN during Karakhanids who ruled the territory of Kyrgyzstan in the X-XII centuries. Balasagun from the capital, once Valya is now our archaeologists excavated near the town of Tokmak, 60 miles east of Frunze.
GA Kolpakovsky offered KP Kaufman op Organized scientific research in the Issyk-Kul, alive next to a young scientist and naturalist, AP Mabuza. "Generally speaking, the mystery of Issyk-Kul is increasing every year and encourages me, - he wrote - to reiterate the idea of ​​necessary research. Difficulties with respect to the device on a ship WHO possibilities to handle. Waiting in the Issyk-Kul, the Mabuza, I ordered the device, a small sail tion of the vessel, which has already been brought to an end, except that th, for the same purpose by an individual arranged vosmiveselny boat. Then, to complete enterprise ment lacks the diving apparatus, to acquire torogo by private funds of more than doubtful Indeed. " KP Kaufman as a whole sentence, GA Kolpakovsky liked it, and it is November 10 NAC ladyvaet his letter, the following resolution con lines: "Things: pot or large bowl and a small cha shu stored here for future museum ... As far as the diving unit (space suit), then you can write not only as a master, but because you are asking Swee His Majesty, Major-General Zverev, the builder of Kronstadt, if he could instruct someone proper host information that will the unit cost the most, etc. HYDRATED and under what conditions you can find a hunter fires Lovat here and do research. "
Intrigued, to some extent aware of the possibility of findings and pass for the patron saint of science in the province, KP Kaufman zealously took up the purchase and the search submersible diver.

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