Kyrgyzstan life Tour 9

 Kyrgyzstan life: Tour 9, Kyrgyzstan tours, Winter tours.

Kyrgyzstan life: Tour 9
Duration: 6 days
Places to visit: Bishkek - Burana - Chon Kemin - Issyk Kul lake northern shore - Karakol - Jeti Oguz - Issyk Kul southern shore - Ala Archa - Bishkek

Day 1: Bishkek - Burana - Kochkor
Kyrgyzstan winter is ready for a tour. When you come on Kyrgyzstan winter tours, the driver will pick up you at Manas International Airport and escort to the capital city of Kyrgyzstan for about 30 minutes. We are pleased to organize a city tour and galvanize by Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic and other places. In the daytime you will be moved to Kochkor village. Escalate Burana Tower of the 11th century as well as outside museum of Balbals or stone warriors. Overnight is in a home stay.  

Day 2: Kochkor - Tash Rabat - Naryn
Marvel a myriad winter tour by wandering to Tash Rabat Caravanserai on the Great Silk Road. It is a Stone Castle and was found in the 14th century. The place is reinstated on Tian Shan Mountains and formed of bond bumps inside a mountain at an elevation of 3200 m above sea level. On arrival in the building, you will find out 31 rooms in the mountain. It consumes walls of 1 m thick. In ancient times there was a lockup cells for outbreaks. Afterwards we will to Naryn town. Night is in a hotel. 

Day 3: Naryn - Kochkor - Bokonbaevo
In the morning we will travel to Kochkor village via astounding gorge over mountain pass of 3 000 meters high. In Kochkor village there is a chance to assemble a local generous family and get to know more of production Kyrgyz national felt carpets. Wander to small handicraft museum there where you can see ancient fragments. The next goal is visiting Bokonbaeva village where everyone can learn some facts from a local eagle-hunter. He takes eagles for hunting. Overnight is in a home stay.   

Day 4: Bokonbaevo - Issyk Kul southern shore - Barskoon - Jeti Oguz - Karakol
The next day of our attractive winter tour will start by driving to Barskoon gorge. It is located on the southern shore of Issyk Kul Lake. This gorge has heavenly mountains and the monument created in honor to Yuri Gagarin. Ahead we will visit Jeti Oguz gorge renowned for red rocks lumps, also called "Seven Bulls". On the way we will see the Broken Heart Mountain. Walk on the top of a mountain to see emotive panorama view of the gorge! We will continue our way to Karakol town and visit Dungan mosque amassed in Chinese style without steel spines. The next aim is an old wooden Orthodox Church. Rest is in a hotel.

Day 5: Karakol - Issyk Kul Lake northern shore - Chon Kemin
This tour starts from driving to Issyk Kul Lake in the morning through the northern shore of Issyk Kul Lake and see this lake from all sides. It is looked-for place for whirling in summer season and winter amusements. Guests will overpower its remedial waters and get completion. In the afternoon you will visit a small local museum full of examples of handicraft, music instruments and a lot of items. Transfer to Chon Kemon village for sleep.

Day 6: Chon Kemin - Bishkek
Chon Kemin village is our next site. It is placed in the government park where everyone can worth curious mountain views. It is so exclusive in winter season and tempts many tourists. On the way you can find amazing regions persist pleasantly unchanged, outdated and rich in culture nevertheless the capital is rather uncontending. Survey is still in it convulse and vast parts are basically untouched by travelers. Everyone will be well-maintained on high level, where friendly folks offer you for tea and charming food. Promptly we will have 3 hours of horse riding and ride oblique high in the slopes over an upland forest. Enjoy the panorama view of the gorge and return to Bishkek. Overnight is in a hotel.

Day 7: Bishkek - Ala Archa - Bishkek
On the last day of Kyrgyzstan winter tour delight eye-catching Kyrgyzstan winter in the natural Park of Ala Archa gorge perceived on a spur of the Tien Shan mountain range. It is 45 km from Bishkek. Our travelers will regard a short hiking tour to see a panoramic view of the gorge and even have a picnic. Then we will back to Bishkek and visit Asian Bazaar. Here is a great chance to see the real local life, find goods at low-cost prices and bargain. Transfer to a hotel.  

Day 8: Bishkek - Airport
Thank you for Kyrgyzstan winter tours with us!


Marvelous winter tours in Kyrgyzstan are the innumerable opening to experience wonderful panoramic views. The backdrop of Kyrgyzstan is unusual, which decoys thousands of tourists from all over the world. This estate is amusing in history, nature of peaks and, of course, whole-hearted climate. Kyrgyzstan winter tours will amaze you with the most appealing places. There are a lot of ski resorts with grades of springy exertion. There are rental localities with specialized instructors. Winter tours in Kyrgyzstan will be stayed in hearts. We are sure that you will not concern it and enchanted to come here.

During winter tours in Kyrgyzstan, you will see overused peaks. We also offer you jeep tours in all-embracing comfort. Our company will signify only superb service.

Travelers will visit Lake Issyk Kul and escalate the outrageous during winter tours in Kyrgyzstan. Expose about petroglyphs known as ancient stone artefacts that were well-thought-out by shamans 2,000 years ago. The snow-covered gorge of red rocks, approved as Jeti Oguz or Seven Bulls. They are pleasing in winter! In the village of Bokonbaevo, you will see a local eagle hunter and show you an eagle hunting with birds. In Kochkor village you will obtain a master class on how to make countrywide felt carpets using an astonishing technique. It is very exciting!

This is a venture to see outmoded riding games such as chabysh, kyz kuumay, tyn enmey and so on, as well as partake. Kyrgyzstan is attractive member in sports competitions.

Our guests will be able to taste national dishes. Kyrgyzstan is entertaining in different types of meat, such as lamb, beef, horse meat and also pork (exceptional). Often inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan are Muslims. There are famous dishes as beshbarmak, manty, oromo, kuurdak and other. Dairy products are common as kymyz (a drink made from mare's milk), ayran (yoghurt), sour cream and ghee. Also try pilaf, lagman and ashlamfu.

Winter tours to Kyrgyzstan will be reminisced for a long time.

Satisfaction the magnetism of the snow-white mountains is waiting for lovers of unbelievably magical Kyrgyzstan winter!