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Whatever it was, PP Semenov, convinced that Chigu located in the eastern Issyk-Kul region, not even supposed to detect it directly tively on the shore. As an objective, impartial scholar, he also noted instances of finds on the shore and underwater objects are attributed to the circle Usun.
Domination Usuns stopped in the Tien Shan somewhere in the VI. Mr. Oe. They mingled with Turkic tribes who came here. But, as rightly held by PP Semenov, Usuns not disappeared from the face of the earth. Their oc  tatki be found among the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz, the tribal divisions that had survived names  tion "Usun", in particular, the so-called one of the great families of the Kyrgyz tribe sarybagysh. Among sarybagyshey scientist rarely seen blue-eyed and blond, stand out and black-haired Mongoloid population. I must say that and then Semenov was right. Modern science has conclusively proven that in the ethnogenesis of both Kazakh and Kyrgyz peoples the most direct teaching  stie took Usun ancient tribes and their assimilation  milirovannye components.
Immediately Usun monuments PP Semenov-Tyan-Shan is not found. "But - he wrote - the nature of the Trans and the Tien Shan foothills of places retained its characteristic features, as well noted by two thousand years ago the Chinese."
Well, the detection and study of Usun monu  nicknames fell to the next generation of scientists. The baton was younger contemporaries Semenov. - Kyrgyz style tours. - Amazing off road tours in Kyrgyzstan. - Stylish travel in the land of Kyrgyz. - Single accommodation tours.     - Kyrgyz travel and tours.         


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