You will be incredibly impressed by the incredible landscape of a mountainous country that will surprise you with its beauty and diversity. During the tour you will know that the country is located in the heart of Central Asia the territories of which extend over 198, 5 square kilometers. Tours to this place will amaze you by breathtaking and picturesque places. Moreover, Kyrgyzstan was one of the points of the Great Silk Road going from China to the West. So in the course of your incredible tour you will get a chance to discover all the amazing places and architectural monuments remaining from this époque. How colorful and vivid was the life here at that period, thousands of caravans transporting silver, silk, vessel, textile etc., merchants bargaining at the bazaars...Just imagine how the thing changed from those times. Yurts, unique culture of Kyrgyz people, their hospitality and practicality, honor and worship of traditions. All of this will offer you a new vision to the world of nomads in beautiful Kyrgyzstan.

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