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Circling for their service tenure, GA Kolpakovsky in 1869 visited the Issyk-Kul. Ras told that he made the first Russian settlers CET and Cossacks planted trees along the road, and who oslushnichal - immediately chastised with whips. The men suffered, grumbled, but ... gently set down polo An approximate number of plants, which over the years have turned the track along the northern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in a continuous green tunnel.
Returning from a trip to the regional center - Ver HYDRATED, Kolpakovsky sent to Tashkent note to Thoraya in November 1869 was read at a meeting of member new-founders of the Central Asian academic community (even before its official opening). The note moose on the ancient "objects found in the south-eastern part of the Neu Issyk-Kul, proving the existence in former times on the site of the city." At the same time sent Kolpakovsky and concise information in the "From Izvestia Russian Geographical Society," with a description of the eat he had seen under the water's extensive grounds, which paradise, as he wrote, though specially paved with brick E, fragments of vessels, and bones. They also saw it under water and stone sculpture.
Kolpakovsky enterprising officer, and was not limited only to official zeal. His interests extended to the scientific development of the region. He attended the annual Lake Issyk-Kul, interests are constantly thrust of its antiquities, collecting antiquities found accidentally. November 3, 1871 the military governor directs the torus KP Kaufman follows another report lines: "In the last trip to the southern part of Semirechensk bought me two things archaeological and two silver coins, nai dennye on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul '. These were: a large copper bowl, Kirgiz found in the estuary. Sary-Bulak, where it flows into the lake (on the northern preg ry), and a copper bowl with Arabic script, found in the estuary. Koisu on the south bank and donated generators lu sarybagyshskim manaps Umetaliev. Translator in the Turkestan Governor-General, an expert on local customs and dialects Sh.M. Ibragimov made a translation of the Arabic inscription on the cup: "Spring days bring us happiness. Oh, waterboy! Give me a quickening moisture ... Like a rose gives beauty beverage vessel, similar but just as the dew revives the tulip.


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