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UNHCR estimates that 300,000 people have been internally displaced during the events. Most have returned to mid-July. Shelters was conducted for the joint assessment in July 2010 showed that half of the families were living in tents, set in a time in the vicinity of the damaged houses. In January 2011, UNHCR stated that 169,500 people remain displaced. Many fled permanently left Kyrgyzstan and abroad. Currently, almost nothing is known about the fate of these people. Not know anything about government programs to help and assistance of internally displaced persons as a result of the June events.


According to the International Commission, arson caused the massive destruction of buildings in Osh and Jalal-Abad in the fields. In total 2843 houses in the cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad and Bazar-Kurgan were damaged. Of these 2677 houses were completely destroyed and 166 - heavily damaged. The damage has been industrial buildings, government buildings, police stations, medical and educational institutions, if caused to a lesser extent than private homes.


Kyrgyzstansky Trekking: Approximately 005
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking round
Duration: 8 days

Day 1: In the morning you will start to go down to the valley Sary Moinok in Kyrgyzstan. Distance Makes up to 30 km. Time: 20-30 minutes the journey of a horse is with Valley Sary Moinok along the river begin Dunguromo (3773 m) in Kyrgyzstan, so abruptly Pass known in the art Pass The first representation of abrupt pass to you and your breath with the comprehensive review to clean unique beauty of the mountains. Distance: 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours. You will spend night of tour in tents.
Day 2: breakfast. The trek takes a detour to pass Dunguromo. They are surprised with representations from high places, and you will have a break at a retreat of alpine pastures and enjoy new, fresh air. Down to the river Juuku. In a dinner will be filed.
Day 3: In the morning you will begin to travel on foot along the valley Juuku. On a kind Juuku Pass (3633 m), you have the option of two remarkable mountain lakes name Jashyl-Kol, ie see "green lake", the validity of which you can see on a walk along Pass. Dinner is on the tour road. Distance: 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours. You will spend night of tour in tents.
Day 4: After breakfast, you will start to travel on foot to Kashka Suu Valley in Kyrgyzstan. On a path, you will see a real, nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people. You will be surprised by a simple life of shepherds. They are often Cross River Kashka-Suu and enjoy sounds of splashing water. Distance: 25-30 km. Delivery time: 5-6 km.
Day 5: Trekking tour and travel stop around beautiful valley where Juukuchak and swim in Hot Springs. Let water, feeling rejuvenated, new and strong in the other day in the mountains. Dinner is on the tour road. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night of tour you will spend the night of tour in tents.
Day 6: The trekking tour makes a tour from Jylluu-Suu, where you walk through the valley Darhan and have a beautiful sight on the lake Issyk Kul. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. You will spend night of tour in tents.
Day 7: In the morning we start walking tour and travel to travel from Darhan Kok Белла Jailoo in Kyrgyzstan. The Issyk-Kul and mountains. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours.
Day 8: In the morning you will be trekking tour and travel Kok Беллу of Chychkan begin Kindik and then down to Ak-terekskoj to the village, where you will meet the car. The engine Barskoon. Distance: 20 km. Absorbed a hot water bath. In a dinner will be filed. Night of tour will be spent in the private house.

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