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Independent observers have noted that the parliamentary elections with severe disabilities instead. It should be noted that. The Uzbek population, whose leaders had "appointed" by all, without exception, to blame the national commissions for the ethnic conflict, as expected, in the parliamentary elections, the country has taken on a very indirect participation The entire campaign was conducted in the Kyrgyz and Russian languages, for a part of the Uzbek population, which could create some difficulties in determining their positions with respect to the parties involved in the elections. Parliamentary elections have discovered yet another trademark feature of the domestic political climate in the country - has been used extensively compromise competing candidates of political parties. It was "buy" for the common practice of Kyrgyzstan votes observed by almost all political parties. Observers argue that there is evidence for the acquisition of a thousand voices (just over U.S. $ 20) or even less than the KGS. There was also the use of administrative resources. Of the Social Democratic Party, whose representatives occupying positions of power in local authorities, determined pressure on voters in the number of doctors and teachers


Kyrgyzstansky Trekking: Approximately 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking round
Duration: 12 days

Day 1: In the morning a visit from Barskoon to Ak Dobo will have a valley of Kyrgyzstan. Then you cross the river and Tarylga of Kyrgyzstan. Forests by a fur-tree beneath beautiful snow-capped mountains It offers views of wide open pastures where jams a pasture of their shepherds. At 19:00 clock dinner presented. Night  of tour in tents in the valley Kok-Bulak.
Day 2: At 19:00 dinner will be presented. Going cross Kok-Bulak river Kichi Jargylchak and is passed through Kindik Jailoo (meadow) in Kyrgyzstan. On the travel  way down you will pass through surprisingly rich tapestry of colors and test representations of mountains and Lake Issyk-grasping spirit kulskogo Lakes. At 19:00 clock dinner presented. Overnight accommodation of tour is organized in tents in the valley Kok Белла.
Day 3: In the morning round on foot, by Kok Белла Pass your trek tour takes you to the valley Juuku where the vehicle you are to meet with new deliveries. After dinner, you will begin a journey to the river Kashka-Suu. The dinner will be organized on a travel way. From that day on the escort vehicle carrying all the food and the mechanism. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.
Day 4: 07:00 Breakfast is presented. Trekking tour through Round Valley Kashka-Suu, you will see and test a real nomadic life of the Kyrgyz people. You cross the river Kashka-Suu several times before, back in the valley base. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.
Day 5: At 7:00 breakfast will be provided. Today you have a trekking round tour and travel  the valley Juuku. How do you not carry your mechanism, you can skip through the flat parts. They make more than the Kyrgyz shepherds and is invited to dinner and "Kymyz" have (the national drink made from milk of a mare). Impressing the Mountain Eto-Tish appears above 4808 m. Night in tents in the valley Chong-Tash.
Day 6: After breakfast we start the round by a trek tour through the valley to Juuku Juuku than 3633 m Pass The dinner is organized in a way. On a path to be double lake named Jashyl Kol "Green Lake", see the corresponding name. The trekking tour will go through valley Arabel Jetim-Белла (3993 m) Pass night in a tent.
Day 7: At 7:00 breakfast will be provided. The trekking tour before making a trip from the river Ak-Белла Taragai Pass (3833 m) to the river Kara-Sai. Here you get some wild mountain goats and sheep Marco Polo see. Then a trip to Lake Kyrtash and suddenly in tents. At 19:00 clock dinner presented.
Day 8: The trekking tour makes a trip to Lake Kyrtash, you will travel south of the Ak-Shyirak Canyon, along the river Baralbas, about 25 kilometers from the border of China. Night in the tent.
Day 9: be presented at 7:00 am for breakfast. They have a remarkable round of a trekking tour through Ak-Shyirak Canyon, crossing the river many times. You will come to some shepherds visit and dinner with them. In the afternoon you will go to the Valley of Kara-Sai and suddenly in the tents. At 19:00 clock dinner presented.
Day 10: After a delicious breakfast we start the round by a trek tour through the valley of the Kyzyl-ESHME. In the afternoon you will cross the river Taragai. It has an open drive through beautiful valleys and high pastures. Adjusted camp at the river Suek-Suu.
Day 11: Trekking tour makes a journey of Suek-Suu, you will cross the rivers and meadows in the valley Sary-rocky-top. From here you can. The great representations of a mountain range on the border with China at bay At 19:00 clock dinner presented.
Day 12: In the morning, you start tour from the valley Sary-rocky-top to go Suek Alpensee Okurgon-Col (4028 m) Pass After a dinner in the mountains, you will travel, enters into a support vehicle Barskoon. The dinner will be organized on a travel way. At 19:00 clock dinner presented. Night in yurta organized.

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