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This report is an attempt to analyze the situation in Kyrgyzstan in the post-conflict period after the tragic events of June 2010, 10 to 14 June 2010 in southern Kyrgyzstan (especially in Osh and Jalal-Abad regions in part), there were massive pogroms historically, Uzbek neighborhoods by representatives of Kyrgyz population. The experts of the Institute of Alisher Navoi not exclude the possibility of overcoming of new outbreaks of ethnic violence, if not, the legacy of past mistakes, as not even in the short term effective measures to reduce the potential for conflicts.



The authors draw attention to the most pressing issues related to the tragic events of June 2010 in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Among them - the prevailing political situation today in the country through the prism of their impact on inter-ethnic relations, the investigation of crimes during the June events, the practice of torture against detainees in connection with the events, the attacks on lawyers and human rights activists committed the recovery process in post-conflict period, the situation of ethnic minorities in Kyrgyzstan, and the rise of nationalism.


Kyrgyzstansky Trekking: Approximately 001
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activity: Trekking round
Duration: 14 days

Day 1: We'll be at the Manas airport  in Kyrgyzstan to meet, and then we will pass in the city of Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. A breakfast at 8:00 clock.
At noon, you will be at Con Kemin valley  of Kyrgyzstan(1900 m) transported. Dinner and overnight parking is available in the traditional board.
Day 2: After breakfast, transfer (1 hour) of -Kemin in the valley of the Kashka-Suu (a trekking tour starting point, 2 000 m). The dinner will be organized on a travel way. The trekking makes a trip down to the valley of the Kashka-Suu River Koi Suu (2 350 m., 6-7 hours). You will spend night in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast take a trip trekking tour in the valley of the River Koi Suu to Severnaya Cholpon-Ata on the river (2 550 m, 6 hours.). You will spend night in tents.
Day 4: (. 3 000 m, 3-4 hours) In the morning, come closer Severnaya Cholpon-Ata to the river Zapadnaya Ak-Suu river, camp beneath a glacier. At 19:00 clock the dinner will be filed.
Day 5: After a delicious breakfast we start our trekking tour with Zapadnaya Ak-Suu River a river valley Chon-Ak-Suu (3066 m, 6-7 hours.) Steilpass Ak-Suu (4054 m). The dinner will be organized on a travel  way. You will spend night in tents.
Day 6: After a reinforcing trekking tour from a breakfast take a trip through the valley of the Chon-Ak-Suu (2375 m, 4 hours.). At 19:00 clock the dinner will be filed.
Day 7: Today we will begin a trek tour down into the valley of the Chon-Ak-Suu to Grigor'evka Gorge. Transmitted over north shore of Issyk Kul to area Bulan-Sogotu where one of the largest hotels is on Issyk Kul, "the Aurora Issyk-kulskaja" hotel built during the Soviet era and is reminiscent of bygone era in the history and architecture (160 km). Night you will spend in the hotel (1 609 m).
Day 8: You need a day of rest of the tour. A free time in Issyk Kul, relax and swim in Lake. You will spend a night in "the Aurora Issyk Kul". At 19:00 clock the dinner will be filed.
Day 9: After breakfast, transfer gain Lakes Synu-Kul from Lake Issyk Kul of Kyrgyzstan (300 km from Bulan-Sogotu, Kochkor village and pass Kalmak Ashuu (3 250 m), 6-7 hours). The dinner will be organized on a way. Night will be spent in yurts.
Day 10: Trekking tour makes a trip along the north coast Syna-Kul to the east and south sides, 5-6 hours. At 19:00 clock the dinner will be filed.
Day 11: Today we start tour  to go and travel down from the northern shore of the lake to south coast by east, 5-6 hours. Half of the days of free time Lake. The dinner will be organized on a way. A relaxation and a horse walk, Lake. Dinner and overnight parking in tents
Day 12: Pass to Bishkek (365 km) through the village Kochkor. In a travel way, visit the Burana Tower (11th century), the remnants of the Empire Karakhanids in Central Asia. The arrangement at the hotel "Ak-Keme" (800 m).
Day 13: After a strengthening breakfast you will have a walking tour of Bishkek. Visit the museums, Eastern market and souvenir shops. The RESORT. Dinner and overnight parking is available at the hotel "Ak-Keme".



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