Ala Archa gorge

Ala Archa gorge is the favorite place for weekend tours. It is situated just 45 km from Bishkek city, and during one hour drive you will rise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. You can have a trek for 5 hours to reach Ak Sai cascade or just to have a walk along the mountain river that flows in the gorge. Ala Archa is a good place to have a nice day off.

The name Ala-Archa means "Bright Juniper". These trees are widely spread. For Kyrgyz people it is a holy tree that they use almost in all their rituals. When a child born, the cradle is made of juniper, if a child falls ill, adults burn juniper and say special words, when the child is adult already and wants to marry - again a woman with burning juniper will go inside his new yurt to protect it from the bad spirits. And when the person dies his\her coffin will be made of this sacred tree.



9 o'clock Departure from your hotel.

9.45 o'clock.   Visit of the Baitik Kanaev mausoleum. Baitik was the ruler of  the Solto tribe  who seized Bishkek fortress. At that time it belonged to the Kokanders, and the Kyrgyz had to pay them high taxes. Baitik Kanaev made them go away and save the Kyrgyz independence. Also you will find out of different burial rituals of the different times.

10.30 o'clock. Arriving in the gorge. Then you decide whether to have a trek to the cascade or  to walk along the gorge.

12.30 o'clock - Picnic

15.30 o'clock Departure to your hotel.