Issyk Ata gorge

Issyk Ata is a beautiful gorge and you can have a light trek to a mountain waterfall. It  takes just 2 hours to get there. There is a small pass leading to it. Then you can have a picnic. This gorge is famous for hot springs. Also you will get a chance to swim in the open-air swimming pool with mineral hot springs. Swim and enjoy the views of the mountains around!



9.00 o'clock  your guide will meet you in your hotel. 

11.00 o'clock  Arrival in the gorge Issyk Ata. This name means "Hot Spring" because of the healing mineral water that improves your health. There was a special resort built to treat people with hot springs. The resort still works and people come here to swim in a  swimming pool and to drink the water.

11.20 o'clock  A short trek  to the cascade. On the way, we will visit the image of Buddha that according to the opinion of scientists, appeared somewhere at the 7 - 8 c. A. D. The matter is that in the course of time many people were coming to this place to pray for good health. This place even today considered to be a holy one.

13.30 o'clock.    Coming to the cascade alongside Issyk - Ata River.

14.00 o'clock  Picnic

16.00. o'clock    Departure to your hotel.